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Announcing: A simple, alternative retirement plan from MoneyWeek's senior investment analyst…

Lifetime Wealth”

Put this powerful low-risk plan into action today and...

You could build up as much money as any conventional pension or managed fund going (in fact we predict it will be more)…

You could collect a £100k* 'bonus' that no savings plan or managed fund can give you – without taking any big risks.

“This is one of the most effective ways to create real, lasting wealth we have ever seen. This is the sort of strategy that every investor in the UK should have up and running – I know I will.”

John Stepek, Editor – MoneyWeek Magazine



Dear Friend,           

I’m not going to try and twist your arm in this letter.

In fact, I don’t want to persuade you to do anything.

You will already need to have a strong desire to want to improve your wealth to take part.

So if you don’t have a family who relies on you…

And if you don’t want to make sure you have enough money to live comfortably in the years ahead…

Then Lifetime Wealth is definitely not for you.

But if you do have a nagging doubt that your pension and life savings won’t be enough to support you and your family… then this simple wealth plan could make a big difference to your life – and what I have to say will make perfect sense.

In a moment, I am going to show you one absolute reason why I think you’ll want to get Lifetime Wealth working for you as soon as possible.

But first I want to tell you about all the things that might exclude you from taking part. 


Because I want to make sure Lifetime Wealth really is right for you – and that you are right for us.

For this to work properly it has to marry with your ambitions for the future. This is for a certain type of person – someone who wants to feel confident they'll have enough money for the whole of their life, and are prepared to do something about it – not just read about it.

So let's see if this is for you:

  • First off, Lifetime Wealth is for the long-term. It is most effective if you do it for at least ten years.

I’m personally committing at least 20 years to the strategy because, quite frankly, I don't want to be worried about money when I'm older. Lots of people will wake up one day in a panic with the feeling they don't have enough money. 

This is a forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I'm planning to avoid that. I hope you are too.

When your money is in this plan it won’t be tied-up – it’s yours when you want it.  But the longer you leave it, the better off I think you’ll be.

  • It takes a bit of effort on your part. There’s no getting around this.

You’ll need to spend an hour or two a month to keep your wealth plan on course. You must be willing to put the time in or this won’t work for you. We'll be doing all the hard work in the background. All the number crunching and research – you'll just have to put in a few hours now and again.

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.
  • You will need money to invest. Lifetime Wealth isn’t some ‘magic system’ that promises to spin money out of thin air.

How much you invest is up to you. Just like putting money into a pension or savings plan. But as I’ll show you – I believe it can be much, much stronger. It also has one key benefit that makes it different to any regular fund or financial plan. One that could add as much as £100k* to your final balance.

Just to be totally clear: this is about steadily and consistently increasing your personal wealth in the background. Something we'll help you set up immediately and guide you through while you get on with your life. You won’t see any obvious results today or tomorrow, or next week… but in as little as five years, I think you’ll be shocked at how much money you’ll have accumulated.

Ultimately, if you do this properly, I believe this plan could build you a nest-egg of around £300,000 over the long term.

I’ll run you through these numbers in full detail in a moment. I’ll show you precisely how much I think you could make out of this personally. Because each person is different – and it depends on how much spare capital you have to put in to it.

The point is, this is about taking whatever money you have to invest – whether it’s £400 a month, £1000 a month or more, it doesn’t matter – and growing it into something much, much bigger than any conventional plan can offer you.

That's the potential payoff – to help make you more money than any conventional financial plan or managed fund.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the plan, let me sum up how powerful this could be.

If you already pay into a pension or savings plan, you'll know how this works.

Let's say you pay £600 a month into a decent performing pension over the next 30 years. At current forecasts**, you'll end up with about £378,000.

Forget for a moment all the restrictions and built in flaws of pensions – and what that figure will actually buy you in 30 years' time – that's the gross figure.

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

But if you put the same amount into the Lifetime Wealth plan, for the same period of time, I calculate you'll have £453,868.

That's about £75k difference.

Now, I don't know how much you have spare to invest, but as with any investment, the more spare capital you put in, the more money you could stand to make. I am just illustrating that this is designed to make more than a decent pension fund. Although we're not saying do this instead of investing in a pension.

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

That's the absolute reason I believe it's worth putting in the time and effort to get this working for you.

While a very good fund manager or IFA could help you build a large pile of cash – none of them – not one – can add a big 'bonus' like this.

REAL money, with no restriction on how and when you draw it down and spend it. All with no more risk than a conventional pension.

In the above example, it's a question of £453,868 versus £378,000. Which amount would you rather have? And that final figure could be more depending on the contributions you make to your Lifetime Wealth plan.

Do this right and it could take a huge weight off your mind and remove one of the biggest anxieties in your life:

Will I have built up enough money 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

Enough to live comfortably… enough to provide my kids with money when they need it… enough to make sure that instead of scrimping and struggling, I can keep the same standard of living as I grow older?

Start this today – and, yes, I'm very confident you will.

“I plan to retire a wealthy man. Let me show you how you can too.”

Description: Phil OakleyMy name’s Phil Oakley.

I’ve spent all my working life researching and writing about investments.

I worked in the City for a long time… for over a decade in fact, as an investment analyst.

My job was to research individual companies, analyse risk, make recommendations. I had a good record and I quickly became an expert in the fundamentals of investing. 

For five years I was a member of the stockbroker ABN AMRO’s top rated UK smaller companies team. I learned a lot. And I was well paid.

But I fell out of love with the City. Frankly I saw a lot of professional investors playing games with other people’s money.

That makes me angry.

Now – I’m not here to undermine all of the City pros. There are a lot of good investors in the Square Mile.

But the nasty things you read about money managers, I’m sad to say, are largely true.

I’m not saying that all City pros couldn’t give a damn about your future… but A LOT don’t. Many of them care too much about beating an index or ‘benchmark’ – and that’s costing you.

For example, if the FTSE 100 loses 17% of its value in a given year, many of them will be popping champagne corks and expecting a big bonus for ‘only’ losing 10% of your nest-egg.

But what good is that to you?

If they lose money, they’ve done a bad job in my book – regardless of whether they’ve done a bit better than their mates at the wine bar. In my view, taken as a bunch, they just don't care enough about your money. But most people, you included if you have a pension or managed fund, are relying on them for your future! That's why I think a lot of people are going to face a big shortfall later in life. And that's why I've created Lifetime Wealth – to help you make up that shortfall.

So back to my story…

I walked away from the City because I didn’t think it was working properly for its clients. And I didn’t want to be a part of that.

So I quit my well paid job.

I’d earned enough money to be comfortable. And I could be living off that money now if I wanted to.

But I love investing. I was never going to lose that urge to spot an opportunity, to outplay the markets, to basically look at the angles and work out where the money was. Even when I left I was still poring through Bloomberg, reading reports, arguing with my ex-City colleagues on the phone about new ideas and opportunities.

Basically, I love the challenge of building wealth, picking good investments and seeing if my ideas make money.

So rather than work for another large investment house, I decided to work for me and my family.

My new goal was simple – create a way to build a long-term wealth that could do better than any conventional investment scheme, and make me and my family wealthy for life.

Building such a plan seemed easy at the outset… because as I'll show you in a minute there are three cornerstones to any successful investment plan. But it took a lot longer to perfect it, to make the little adjustments that would allow for growth in bull of bear markets. This wasn't for a wealthy client – this was for my family, so I wanted the best.

Finally, I developed a plan that I believe could help provide for us for the rest of our lives. It's the very same plan I'm happy to share with you today. For me, this isn't about beating benchmarks or indexes…

This is about using everything I've learned in the City and aiming to make as much money for my family as possible – what better incentive is there than that? I'll do anything it takes to make this work. I'm sure it's something we have in common.

I've done all the work, all the thinking. And I've been using it for three years already.

Today, I'd like to invite you to use it too.

MoneyWeek Editor John Stepek and Editor in Chief Merryn Somerset Webb have given it their full backing.

In fact, John says its "one of the most effective ways to create real, lasting wealth" he has ever seen.

And I believe it could alter the course of your financial life – if you start it now.

Put simply, I believe this could make you more and more money year on year, and help ensure you have less to worry about in 10, 20 even 30 years from now – no matter what happens to the markets.

They could go up, they could go down, they could flat line… but I’m confident this strategy will STILL make money in the long-run.  It has been specifically designed to cut past the short-termism of most strategies and make you a lot of money over time.

That’s what Lifetime Wealth can offer you. I know I'm repeating myself, but I think it's important:

These figures are forecasts and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I calculate it could build you a nest-egg of around £300,000 PLUS add on a £100k extra 'bonus'.* 

That's not a figure plucked out of thin air. I have carefully calculated that you could add £100,000 as a 'bonus' to your life savings after 30 years.

I’m not saying a good financial advisor or fund manager won’t make you a large sum of money if you stick with them over 20-30 years.

BUT I can guarantee NONE of them will be able to make you an EXTRA £100k by the end of it.

In a moment I'll show you exactly how we aim to do that.

If you’re serious about making decent money that you can rely on, then you’ll want to do this – no question.

Because the plain truth is, if you're planning to try and grow your money over the coming years the 'old school' ways, you're up against it.

“The problem facing everyone in Britain”

I set this up because I wanted to provide enough money for me and my family for life – not something that would run out in my 60s or 70s and leave me with years of struggle.

And the stark truth is, I think your pension and savings – the things we USED to rely on - are probably not going to provide you with enough money later in life.

So let's look at savings first…

When I stop working, I don’t want to eat into an ever dwindling pile of cash.

And I’m sure you don’t either.

It would be a horrible feeling

Like you, I’ve built up my savings over the years… I don’t simply want to plunder my account.

Okay, if you have £10m in the bank, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, you can probably stop reading now.

But let’s assume you don’t have millions tucked away somewhere.  

How long could you really live off of your bank account before you started to worry?

Well – a recent report produced by brokers Hargreaves Lansdown reveals on average people would start scraping the bottom of their savings after about seven years.

Seven years! After a lifetime of saving and worrying, the reality is, most people are left scratching their heads and dangerously low on cash after less than a decade.

So how about your pension?

Can you simply kick back and rely on your private pension? Unfortunately not.

Those days are over.

Pension annuities are in an overwhelming decline – and they have been for some time. 

I’m sure you’ve heard this mentioned on the news or in the papers, but have you stopped to think what it really means for you?

Take a moment to consider this…

Back in 1990, a £100,000 pension pot would have given a 65 year-old man an annual income of £15,640. That's not bad. Especially when you consider...

Today, the same pension pot of £100k would provide you with just £5,857 a year.

That’s 62% less. It’s less than you’d get as a part-time shelf-stacker in Tesco!

So even if you doubled your pension contributions, the game’s rigged against you. And why would you even think about sinking more money into something that looks like paying out less and less?

Now I’m not saying you should stop paying into your pension.

Essentially it’s a good thing. And it will pay you something when you need it – even if the payouts are forecast to steadily decline over the next decade.

But if you have ANY doubts your pension and savings won’t provide enough money for you…

Then you need something that you’re confident could deliver.

So what else CAN you do…?

Well, you could try playing the stock market – putting the bulk of your money in shares.

But are you confident you can do all the research to properly analyse each and every company? Even the experts get it wrong – what chance have you got?

Personally, I think you’d be taking a big risk – it’s a shot in the dark. I don’t think you really want to hang your financial future on the hope of a few companies going up.

So what are your other options?  What do you do?

How can you feel confident you'll be wealthy enough to live a good life?

One thing you can do is stick £5k a year in an ISA – and you should, it’s a smart move. But it’s not going to help you take that big step up. It’s not going to make that much difference.

What else can you do? We're running out of options here…

The next logical step is for people to find an IFA or a fund manager.

An IFA will set up a wealth building plan for you or he’ll recommend a decent fund manager.

And if they’re good at their job they’ll take a good stab at building you a decent retirement kitty. 

You’ll end up handing over either a large lump sum or invest monthly into a managed fund or a multi-asset fund.

That's a sensible option for you when you have few other choices. I know some very good fund managers. And it's possible they could earn you a lot of money over the years.

But because of the way they work – you don’t receive anything like the amount of money you should from them.

As I’ll show you in a moment – there’s a built-in ‘flaw’ to investing in off-the-shelf funds and with an IFA that guarantees you’ll get short-changed.

And worst of all for someone like you who wants to build their money up over the long-term – the longer you have your money in a fund, or invest with an IFA, the more this ‘flaw’ costs you.

So what can you do?

Your pension and savings are probably not going to deliver what you need.

You don’t want to take risk of speculating on shares.

You don’t want to lose money to fund managers or IFAs.

And I’m sure you don’t want to sit back and simply see your money dwindle away as you get older.

So how do you build a retirement pot – one that will keep growing over the years? One that could considerably lessen your money worries as you get older?

Because that's what this is about – aiming to live comfortably – for LIFE.

I think I can help.

Let me show you the plan I'm using for me and my family. Let's see if it will suit you and yours.

Lifetime Wealth

Your Simple Blueprint for a Life of True Wealth

Since putting this plan into action with my own money three years ago, I am totally confident I have done something that will continue the upward trend of my finances as I get older, even when I stop working…

Something that will give me access to a potentially huge pot of money when I need it.

That’s the simple aim of Lifetime Wealth in a nutshell:

To show you how you could accumulate a large amount of money that could help make you a comfortable life.

Now I could spend hours discussing every minute detail of this plan, every calculation, every piece of detailed analysis into how Lifetime Wealth has been designed.

But I don't think that would be useful to you.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is:

If you're patient, and dedicated, Lifetime Wealth could help you amass a real fortune.

So let me briefly run you through how this works and how much I believe you could stand to accrue…

“The 3 cornerstones of Lifetime Wealth”

I want to make something clear – the wealth building principles I’m about to run you through are not ‘secrets’.

But the fact is, hardly anyone has ever done all the hard work to put these principles together in such a simple, straightforward manner. Practically no-one has ever offered to walk you through every step so that you can act easily and confidently to build a potentially huge nest-egg.

The point is, I’m not trying to outsmart the market. My aim is simply to make money from it. And I want to show you how to do that too.

Here's how we plan to do that…

Principle #1: Reduce your risk - dramatically

Let's say someone has £10,000 to invest. The first concern would be simple: to try and not lose them money. To preserve it.

Lifetime Wealth is not about trying to get that £10k up to £17k in a few weeks and then panicking as it plunges to £3k the following week.

Our plan is to build that £10K carefully, always moving forward, always building up, NOT gambling.

Lifetime Wealth is about trying to reduce risk as much as possible – to remove that worry that your money is like a row boat in high seas.

Taking on as little risk as possible when growing your nest-egg is CRUCIAL.

In fact, it is our number one priority.

So how do we plan to do this?

How do we aim to cut risk down as much as possible?

Again, I could go into academic detail about the theory behind this, but the principle is very simple:

By spreading our portfolio across a number of different investment types, you'll run a far lower risk of losing money

In other words – by putting your eggs in more than one basket you can make just as much money without taking on as much risk.

“Investment wisdom begins with the realization that it's the decades, not the days, that matter. And over the long term, diversification really does protect your portfolio.”
-- William J. Bernstein, CNN MONEY

This isn't abstract theory – this works.

A chap called Harry Markowitz first proved this in the 1950s and ended up winning a Nobel Prize for it. It’s been described as “the only free lunch in finance”.

With Lifetime Wealth, we’re simply following this proven, trusted model to reduce your exposure to risk.

The question is, over the long term – does spreading your eggs across more markets actually pay off?

The answer is YES.

Looking at the thirty one years between 1978 and 2009, which includes five bear markets, this simple model is extremely impressive.

In other words, by targeting risk as the number one priority, this method is capable of making you more money:

Source: Washington Trust Bank, September 2009

This chart shows an industry standard measure of risk…

As you can see – the fully diversified portfolio in red would have earned investors a significantly bigger return between 1978 and 2009, taking in every possible market condition you can imagine. Bear markets, bull markets, booms, busts – the lot.  

So that’s potentially more money for less risk. In my book – the perfect combination.

To be honest, simply diversifying our portfolio doesn't set us apart. Only the very worst IFAs or fund managers wouldn't diversify.

Like I said earlier – this isn't about being different for the sake of it. This is about taking the best parts of the best wealth building strategies out there. And this is ONE of them. Without question.

What's important here is that we are taking a tried and tested model of reducing risk as much as possible and we're running with it. One of our core principles is preserving wealth – having a foundation on which to grow it.

So let's move on to the next principle. How are we planning to actively grow your wealth?

Let me show you now…

Principle #2: The professional way to grow wealth

There’s a very smart way to invest most investors don't take advantage of.

A way of capturing growth that only used to be available to professional investors.

To do this we're going to invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and low cost index tracking funds.

We are going to use them as the ‘building blocks’ of the Lifetime Wealth portfolio.

So let's take a look at them…

ETF’s and index trackers can be the private investor’s best friend.

They are very cheap, easy to trade and allow you to invest in lots of different asset classes - UK shares, international shares, different types of bonds, gold, property, commodities and cash.

In other words, you get to capture any potential upside in any given market or index… whilst cutting your risk down dramatically. (Remember – that's one of our core principles).

Remember, we want to reduce risks as much as we can – but risk is impossible to eliminate. All investments carry risk, including ETFs.

The fund's performance relies on the performance of the underlying investments. If those investments do well, so will the fund. And if they underperform, the fund will lose value.

I will always outline any risks in anything I recommend so that you are fully informed about what the Lifetime Wealth plan is doing.

The fact is, in our view, using ETFs and index trackers is one of the most effective ways to capture growth whilst keeping your risks low.

The other good thing about ETFs is that they allow you to capture the growth of all sorts of markets without the hassle of paying extra for specialist brokers. Energy, commodities, emerging markets – any sector you want to tap for a profit, you can use an ETF to do so.

Before ETFs, you would have had to pay big fees to invest in a specialist investment or unit trusts to build a diversified portfolio of assets.

Now you can pay a lot less and do it all with a click of a mouse.

Simply put, ETFs and index trackers allow you to ‘plug in’ to good investments and reduce the downside at the same time.

Remember, Lifetime Wealth is all about cutting risk down to the bone… so you can sleep easy while your money is building up.  

Again – this isn't a breakthrough or a secret trick. And most good fund managers or IFAs really should – in our view – use ETFs and index trackers to help make you money whilst reducing your exposure to risk.

We are merely taking an effective method and using it to help grow wealth. Problem is, for a lot of people, I've found many fund managers and IFAs don't do it – leaving their clients exposed to more risk that I think is wise.

But choosing what to invest in is only half of it.

You also need to invest at the right time.

Here's how we aim to do that…

Principle #3: Using the ‘magic’ of rebalancing to make you rich

I love telling people about this core part of the strategy.

It’s something that I’ve only seen a handful of investors do properly – and it can be extremely powerful.

It’s known as ‘rebalancing’ and is a tried and tested way to steadily outperform most other methods of investing.

It’s incredibly effective – but, remarkably, many investors simply don’t do it.

The very best professional investors will rebalance their portfolios, no question – but that’s just a handful of conscientious, talented people.

I'll repeat – Lifetime Wealth is not about trying to outsmart the markets or come up with clever, convoluted financial tricks. It's about taking the best of the most effective wealth building strategies available and using them.

So what is rebalancing?

Put very simply, ‘rebalancing’ means you sell the investments in your portfolio that go up – and you buy more of the ones that have gone down.

That sounds counterintuitive. It is. And it’s been proven to be incredibly effective.

Let me show you the big difference it can make to your investment returns.

Here, take a look:

This chart, based on my calculations, compares how an average multi-asset fund would have performed using market returns over the last ten years against a rebalanced portfolio (before costs).

For the sake of comparison – to show you how powerful rebalancing can be – each example fund contains a portfolio of 25% UK shares, 25% UK government bonds, 25% cash and 25% gold. This is the type of off-the-shelf fund your IFA might recommend to you.

As you can see, until one crucial point, they’re neck and neck.

But then the 2007 financial crisis hits.

And because of the unique way the rebalanced portfolio works, it rises through the worst of the turmoil…

Then SOARS out of the downturn!

While thousands of investors lost their money, their confidence and their grip on a secure financial future during the crisis… an investor who used this simple method would have sailed right through it.

So, whether the markets go up, down or sideways – this effective principle has the potential to generate fantastic returns for you… and aims to keep adding to your wealth, potentially building a bigger and bigger nest-egg in the long run.

Of course even though rebalancing can add a big boost to your returns, it’s not a fool-proof strategy.

Obviously, it depends on making the right investments at the right time.

But done properly, rebalancing tends to mean that your portfolio doesn’t move about as much as if you left it to the mercy of the markets each year. So rebalanced funds are usually much less risky. Again less risk is what we're all about.

This is based on simulated past performance. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

As the example above shows, someone with £100,000 invested between 2003 and 2012,would have made around £40k MORE than investors who left their money to the swings of the market. That’s one hell of a difference.

Think about that for a moment – what that amount could mean. Imagine £40k extra in your retirement pot.

That’s a bigger return for taking on LESS risk – that’s what we want. And using this core method, I believe Lifetime Wealth can help you achieve it.

That’s why I want you to set this up for yourself today. It can help remove some of the guesswork and anxiety over whether or not you’re going to have enough money later in life.

Of course, just because my calculations have proven this method over the past 30 years, this doesn't guarantee it will continue to work at this level of success in the future.

As I said earlier, we're simply taking a tried-and-tested formula and running with it.

These simple principles form the core strategy behind Lifetime Wealth.

So, if you think your pension and savings may not be enough to provide the kind of life you want over the coming years... and you're considering going to an IFA or investing in a fund… I hope Lifetime Wealth has made it to your shortlist of options as a powerful alternative.

It’s cheap, effective and carries minimised risk.

I’m very confident it could make you as much or even more than any similar fund…

And match anything most top financial advisors could achieve.

But I've left the best until last.

There’s one thing that makes Lifetime Wealth truly special.

Something that I believe elevates it above every other wealth plan you might come across.

Something that no fund manager or financial advisor in the City can possibly offer you.

An extra financial boost that could add a huge amount of money on top of your nest-egg…

“The £100,000* ‘bonus’ you can’t get with any IFA or fund manager.”

When using an IFA or a fund-manger – or both – to help grow your long-term wealth… you’re falling victim to one fatal ‘flaw’ of the industry…

One that effectively caps how much money you’ll accumulate with them...

And one that's costing people thousands and thousands of pounds that could be going into their nest-egg – but which they simply accept because it's the 'norm'..

And they get away with it because it's done so subtly…

Think of it like this…

If 50p a day was taken out of your account over the course of ten years, twenty years – even longer… you probably wouldn’t care – or even notice.

Well, that’s how IFAs and fund managers very quietly and very subtlely shave off their cut of your money.

That’s the ‘fatal flaw’ of investing with the financial professionals.

Fund managers and IFAs tend to trade often, which incurs more fees and more commissions which you pay to them.

Over the years it can really add up – and that’s the point. They’re not stupid. They get rich because thousands of hard-working people like you pay them a lot of money. Over and over again.

Now, I don’t blame people who invest in funds. Or anyone who has an independent financial advisor. I mean, what else can they do? We've gone through the options – pensions, savings – it all looks pretty grim.

Sure, they can provide you with personal advice, something that Lifetime Wealth is unable to do.

But you should know just how much money you’re 'giving away' by investing with the 'pros'.

Here, take a look at the numbers for yourself…

According to my research and first-hand experience in the City, the average cost of using a managed multi-asset fund is around 2% but can be a lot more than this.

That may not sound like much at first – but look:

If you build up a retirement pot of £300,000 – around £63,500 will go directly to costs, fees and commissions over 30 years**.

But let’s be realistic, you’ll need a lot more than £300,000 to retire on.

I’ll assume you’re earning more than £30,000 a year right now.

If that’s the case – you’ll want to receive at least that much when you retire.

Anything less would be – as far as I’m concerned – an unacceptable downgrade of your lifestyle and ambitions for the future.

That means, to last you around 30 years, you’ll need a retirement pot of about £567,000.

On a sum that large, over 30 years, you’ll be handing over £120,000 in costs to your fund-manager or IFA.*

But it doesn’t HAVE to be this way at all.

With Lifetime Wealth – you’ll keep the bulk of that extra money… like a ‘bonus’, received ON TOP of whatever our plan helps you accumulate over the years.

Here, let me show you…

“Extra money ON TOP of your life savings”

This simple chart shows you how much money you could expect to build up contributing £400 a month to two of the most popular types of funds on the market – compared to the Lifetime Wealth method.

Let's assume for a moment that these investment approaches make 5% a year – for the sake of comparison.

As you can see, the Lifetime Wealth approach comes out ahead of them both…

The blue bar is the method I use to manage my own wealth – Lifetime Wealth.

Compared to the returns you’d get from managed funds or any specialist fund you care to mention…

Investing just £400 a month, you could accumulate as much as £300,000 over 30 years.  

That’s around £50K more than what most funds would have made you.  In my book, that’s something well worth having!

No matter what level you’re investing at - whether it’s £400 a month, or £1000 - I’m confident Lifetime Wealth  will beat most similar funds widely available to the private investor... because of these three core priciples:

1) Reducing risk

2) Capturing a decent amount of growth

3) The 'magic' of rebalancing

In other words – Lifetime Wealth could build you a huge nest-egg.

But on top of that, you could get a 'bonus' because it will cost you a fraction of what an IFA or fund will cost you. That's money you get to keep.

And if you invest more money each month, the difference could be even more dramatic.

“A potentially huge nest-egg…”

If you invested £960 a month, through the typical investment fund you would have accumulated around £600,000.

Look at what the average fund could make you above. It’s not a bad amount at all. And most people would be happy with it.

But using the Lifetime Wealth approach, I believe you could add around £127k onto that.

And that’s for one simple reason:

Using this straight-forward strategy, you won’t have to fork over the level of fees and commissions demanded by most IFA’s and fund managers.

Sure, they can give you personal, tailored advice. And that might be what you’re looking for. But ask yourself: if that tailored advice ends up meaning you could make less money than the Lifetime Wealth approach – is it really any use to you?

Put very simply: we believe we can make you more money than most IFA’s and fund managers out there over the long term.

With Lifetime Wealth you get to keep the vast majority of the money you earn – the way it should be.

Come on! Look at what this could do for you!

You know you need to do something to actively grow your wealth – or you could be left dealing with a horrible shortfall.

So why wouldn't you do this?

I've got this up and running for me and my family and I'd like to do the same for you. I hope I've proved this is something really worth doing.

I think you need to get this started as soon as you can. Don't put it off.

Why waste your time and money with the professionals when Lifetime Wealth has the capability to make you more, lose you less and bolt on tens of thousands of pounds EXTRA?

Okay, so far we've looked at what putting a monthly sum into Lifetime Wealth could do for you.

But if you want to invest a lump sum – the amount you could accrue is just as dramatic.

In fact, it’s possible that you could add a small fortune onto your life savings:

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

“You could end up more than £200,000 better off than those who invest their money with the fee-hungry professionals”

Lifetime Wealth could help you add a potentially huge amount of extra money to your life savings when you need it most.

That could be money spent on a new car, providing for your kids as they get older…

Or simply a cushion of money to draw on if and when you need to.

Take another look at those three charts! The Lifetime Wealth approach could make you more and lose you less than any conventional wealth plan I've ever come across. Think about what that could mean to your personal wealth in 10, 20 or 30 years' time.

It boils down to one simple question: “Isn’t it better to have all that money sitting in your account and not in the account of your fund-manager or IFA?”

This is about taking your money out of the hands of the professionals, cutting out the biggest drain on your long-term savings and feeling assured that you are storing up as much wealth as possible for yourself and your family later in life.

Are you with me? Do you want to take positive action to help build a potentially huge retirement pot?

I hope so. Because I can’t wait to set this up for you.

But before I show you how you can take part, I really want to make sure you are fully aware that anytime you invest your money, it carries some risk.

Let me quickly take you through them now.

“The risks”

As I’ve made clear here – Lifetime Wealth doesn’t come with any nailed-on guarantees. Nothing in the world of investing does. As a smart person, I have no doubt you realise that.

It is not a fool-proof way of getting rich.

As in any investment, there is some risk involved. But this tried and tested way of accumulating wealth is at the lower end of the risk spectrum. Remember, that is why we created it in the first place: to hand private investors like you a simple and effective way of growing your money in relative safety.

Over 20-30 years of investing this way it is highly probable that sometimes you will be down and lose money. Other times you will be up. And that’s the point. Over the long-term we believe it should leave you considerably better off.

As you’ve seen in my examples, depending on the level you invest at, you could generate £300,000 over the long-term. Of course, I've made assumptions about the amount you put in (and I have not included taxes that would effect your returns) so you can see how this works.

All that said, you should only invest spare capital. That’s money you can afford to lose. That goes for any money you invest in anything, be it shares, property or something designed to be at the lower end of the risk spectrum, like this is.

If all that sounds good to you – let’s set this up for you so you can start building your own potentially huge nest-egg…

 “Are you ready to get started?”

Today, I am inviting you to use my Lifetime Wealth plan to help you secure a long-term fortune.

Over the next six months, I’ll walk you through how to construct what I believe is a sensibly balanced portfolio

I’ll tell you which investments to buy and how to buy them.

Everything will be explained in full detail and every asset can be purchased with the minimum of fuss either with a quick phone-call, or by using an online broker.

This isn’t about moving quickly on ‘red hot’ shares or investing in dangerous foreign markets.

This is about taking tried and tested principles of growing your money and getting on with your life.

It couldn’t be simpler.

No hype. No hidden fees. No nonsense, frankly. This is the way I plan to substantially grow my wealth over the next twenty years and beyond. And my aim is to help you do the same.

So how will you get started?

Well the first thing I'll send you is a detailed, step-by-step guide to the very first two simple investments I think you should make to start your Lifetime Wealth Portfolio.

This guide will get you up and running.

In it I’ll show you the very first two “building blocks” I think you should buy to start your Lifetime Wealth portfolio.

These are the foundations of what I believe is the most effective and stress free wealth plan you will ever come across.

  • They’re easy to trade
  • They could help make you a solid return
  • They’ll dramatically reduce your exposure to risk

As soon as you join, I’ll send you your guide right away.

From that moment on, we'll build your Lifetime Wealth portfolio on a monthly basis.

In my monthly newsletter, I’ll explain everything in an easy to follow form. And in plain English. No financial jargon or gobbledy-gook. I’m a plain speaker and you’ll never get lost following Lifetime Wealth.

You’ll get all the information you need to act on easily and with no hassle.

The point is... There will be no guesswork on your part.

It’s about as easy a strategy to follow as I can imagine.
Everything is done for you apart from the actual execution…and that will take you around 1-2 hours a month to read through my recommendations and manage your plan.

You won’t have to get up in the morning, check the FTSE, and see if your stocks are keeping up with the market. This strategy allows you to use a simple and proven method with the aim of making money no matter what the broad markets are doing.

These 'building blocks' do all the hard work for you. And whenever the portfolio needs rebalancing I'll tell you what to do.  I’ll be there every step of the way to show you what to do and walk you through it all.

That’s the core principle of how this works – making strategic tweaks to maximise your potential long-term profits. As I’ve shown you, it can be incredibly lucrative.

"So how much does it cost to get Lifetime Wealth working for you?"

Remember, one of my biggest bug-bears about this City is that a lot of the professionals are happy to fleece investors of their hard-earned money.

So to give me some idea of what I might charge to join Lifetime Wealth, I called around to see how much financial advisers were asking for.

It's even more than I thought! Some are asking for between £250 - £300. That's for just ONE HOUR of their time.

And remember, over the years, you could hand over tens of thousands of pounds to them in fees and commissions.

So even if I charged £2000 a year, that would be cheap compared to the industry standard.

But I don’t think £2,000 is fair.

I left the City because I felt hard-working people were getting cheated out of their money by fast-talking men in suits.

I’m not about to do the same thing.

I want Lifetime Wealth to be for everyone who has spare money to put into building a fortune for later in life.

So I’ve decided to bring it way down in price.

A one year subscription to Lifetime Wealth costs just £147 a year.

That’s less than you’d pay for one hour with a decent IFA!         

Well, that’s the full, official price.

But today, you won’t pay that amount.

I’d like you to try Lifetime Wealth at a special discount price.

We're offering you the chance to take up a no-obligation trial for just £97.

Join today by Direct Debit and for the first year, you'll get all the benefits of Lifetime Wealth for just £97…

Plus, no money will leave your account for 28 days.

I think £97 is fair.

Basically, I want to make this for everyone who has the desire to improve their lives and grow their wealth. I don't want the price of Lifetime Wealth to stand in the way of anyone who wants to achieve that.

And I think £97 - which boils down to less than £2 a week – allows anyone to try this out.

I really hope you come on board and start this effective wealth plan today.

Act now to claim your special discount

Join Lifetime Wealth today and you’ll get:

  • Your first full issue of Lifetime Wealth:

Firstly, I’ll send over your first full issue of the newsletter.

It includes your first two ‘building blocks’ for the Lifetime Wealth portfolio. I’d like you to read this immediately so you can set up your plan right away.

You can invest in these ‘building blocks’ simply though a quick phone-call or using a regular online broker. The important thing is to set it up and get started.

From then on, once a month, published by MoneyWeek’s sister company Fleet Street Publications, your Lifetime Wealth newsletter will arrive by post, with a special fortnightly update via email.

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I’ll walk you through how to build your Lifetime Wealth portfolio. You’ll get my full research on every investment and why it deserves its place in our portfolio.

Step-by step, over the next 6 months, I’ll show you how to construct a selection of assets that I believe will provide you with a formidable nest-egg.

  • A special guide to getting Lifetime Wealth up and running:

“Your Simple Blueprint for a Life of True Wealth.”

The moment you start your no-obligation trial, I’ll send you your simple guide explaining the strategy in full detail. This indispensable guide to the crucial principles behind Lifetime Wealth is yours to keep and refer to whenever you like.

  • Exclusive access to the Lifetime Wealth Website

You’ll receive an exclusive password to access our private online archive. 

On the site you will be able to browse every published issue of Lifetime Wealth, more about the strategy and more about me, the Editor. 

Occasionally we’ll put together some special reports about the portfolio – you’ll be able to read them on the site.

At a special reduced-rate of £97 for the first year, you can start today.

But – and I can’t stress this enough – if you sign up by Direct Debit no money will actually leave your account today.

All I ask is that you pop your details down at the end of this letter so I can get all my latest investments sent out to you.

It’s a little like when you reserve a room at a hotel – you put your details down to reserve your place.

No money will leave your account for 28 days if you sign up by Direct Debit. This trial offer really is obligation free. I simply want you to see if this is for you, under no pressure whatsoever.

Then at the end of three months, you can decide for yourself whether you want to stay on – if you cancel within the 3 month trial period you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

If you don’t think my research is worth that, or you aren’t happy with the kind of opportunities I bring you, you can cancel.

That way, you decide what my research is worth to you.

It will be completely your call.

I think this is a great offer.

This figure is forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Especially when you consider that Lifetime Wealth could help you build a retirement pot of £600,000 or more - PLUS a £100k 'bonus'...

And that's on top of anything your current investments or pension plan will pay out.

Remember, once a month I’ll be guiding you through how to set up and then look after your own Lifetime Wealth portfolio.

With all that in mind, I think £97 for the first year is an incredible opportunity for you to find out how to build yourself a potentially huge nest-egg.

Get started right now by clicking here.

“Grab this opportunity with both hands”

Today you have the chance to start building a lasting fortune.

Don’t let it pass you by.  Don't put this off. Give Lifetime Wealth a try and see what it could do for you.

A lot of people will dither about this. Many will say 'maybe I'll do it later'.

Don't be one of them.

Today, I want to help you avoid waking up in five or ten years' time in a panic about your finances.

If you've read this far, then I know you want to do something to help secure your financial future. I know I'm speaking to the right person.

If you have a family that relies on you…

If you want to put to rest any nagging doubts you have about your long-term wealth…

And if you want to get on with the more important things in life while your money quietly grows…

Then I’m confident you will want to join Lifetime Wealth and accept this invitation.

The opportunity to secure your financial future is within your reach.

Grasp it.

Click here to secure your place right away 

Thank you for reading this letter, and I hope to welcome you to Lifetime Wealth very soon.

Phil Oakley
Lifetime Wealth


All forecast examples are based on calculation assuming 5% returns per year over a 30 year period.

Taxes have not been taken into consideration

*£100,000 'bonus' based on 30 years difference in costs between our strategy and a typical active fund manager.  Based on saving your ISA allowance each year (£960pm).  Active fund manager costs calculated at 1.6% per year.

**Current forecasts based on 5% annual returns of managed portfolio v LTW strategy with 5% annual returns (before costs) over 30 years and annuity rates of 5.8%.



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