The following is not intended as investment advice. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares – you can lose some or all of your money, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.  Always seek personal advice if you are unsure about the suitability of any investment.

A straight up offer from 30 year City fund manager and small cap expert, David Thornton:

"Let me pinpoint the fast moving UK small caps that could make you 200% or more...

And share directly with you each week everything you need to potentially profit from them."

David ThorntonMy name is David Thornton.

And today I'd like to make you a very simple proposal.

These figures are forecasts. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

I'd like to offer you the chance to get in early on some of the fastest moving shares listed in Britain today...

Shares with such extreme potential they can shoot up by 200%... 300% or even 500% in as little as two years if they are successful.

Quite simply, I'd like to help put you in the running for the kind of profits most investors never even get a whiff of!

Before I show you how - let me quickly tell you a bit about myself, and why I'm so comfortable making you this offer...

I first cut my teeth as a U.K. stock analyst in 1982. I was young, fresh-faced and straight out of university; keen but maybe a little naive about the way the investment world really worked...

What I experienced over the next 30 years opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunity. A world of connections... of knowledge... of information...

And you know what? I became pretty good at hunting out big, exciting profit opportunities.

At the age of 25, I was responsible for about £500m at one of the Britain's largest pension funds. After a period managing US stock portfolios, I spent many years as Head of the Pension Fund team at Henderson Global Investors. More recently I gained valuable emerging markets experience through launching my own Matrix New Europe Fund.

These days my time is my own. And I spend it on my one true passion - hunting down and anticipating little-known stock stories about small, speculative companies:

  • Small cap - or 'penny share' companies in the early stages of life...
  • Stocks that are COMPLETELY under-the-radar of the investment mainstream. (Perhaps because they haven't yet had a big breakthrough or aren't fully understood by mainstream investors)...
  • And companies listed on AIM, that have the potential to offer huge returns if they make it BIG.

And today, I'd like to offer you the chance to profit from my expertise.

In fact, I'd like to share every opportunity in my small cap portfolio directly with you, for the next 90 days, with no obligation on your part.

Quite simply, I'd like to give you the chance to see just how much money you could make from the exciting world of UK small caps.

Because let me tell you...

When these kinds of stocks take off,
the returns can be outstanding

Using my expertise in finance (backed up by decades of experience) I help a group of like-minded investors get ahead with some of the most exciting investment opportunities out there.

Right now, this very same group of profit seekers is privy to some fantastic small cap stories...

And I'd like to give you the chance to join them...

Week in, week out, I aim to use my experience to move in early on all kinds of opportunities: mergers, acquisitions, profit announcements, oil discoveries, biotech breakthroughs - you name it!

Then locate the tiny companies at the heart of these potentially EXPLOSIVE stock stories - and share the details directly with you.

I'm happy to offer you the details right away.

Because I'm confident...

This is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

You could be banking some serious profits within a few months... even weeks... (and sometimes even overnight!)

Look. In my opinion small caps and penny shares are the ONLY way to make BIG money on the stock market...

But you need to bear in mind that investing ahead of the mob - before you're 100% sure of how things will pan out - is risky.

Investing 'early-doors' means getting in on a company when it's just starting out. It will still need to overcome certain obstacles in order to grow.

But if that company is a good, solid business from the outset, you can just imagine the kind of staggering gains that can be made when it finally gets off the ground!

In short: investing in small start-up firms like the ones I'm talking about is risky.

But it's also when the biggest possible profits are likely to be on the table.

The kind of stocks I write about trade on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). This index consists of the smallest, most volatile stocks in Britain.

As I've said before, the payoffs can be great. But like anything in life, it doesn't always work out that way. You'll need guts to make the most of these exciting opportunities.

As confident as I am in their potential, you could lose money if these stocks don't perform as expected. Your capital will be at risk, so you need to take that into account before investing.

The shares I recommend - penny shares - are higher risk than the shares of bigger companies. You might be aware of the types of risks associated with these shares, but if you aren't, I urge you to read the information in the box below, titled "Penny Shares: Risks and rewards".

The point is, these shares are risky. But they also have the potential to make big money.

This figure is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.
In fact, my minimum target for most stocks is 200% in two years or less - enough to triple your money.

Excited? You should be.

Because right now I'm sitting on a whole host of shrewd, high-growth shares with huge upswing potential.

And that could have a pretty exciting upshot for your money. Because...

I'd like to send you my share tips for the next 3 months... No obligation, No strings

I run a share recommendation newsletter called Red Hot Penny Shares, and I'd like to give you a no-obligation 3 month trial subscription.

In Red Hot Penny Shares, I aim to keep you right up-to-date with the latest 'rising star' companies so you can position yourself now for some potentially enormous gains down the line.

Essentially, Red Hot Penny Shares enables me to share all of my small cap research - the stories behind these exciting companies, the risks, the numbers...

And of course, the all-important symbols you need to go out and buy the shares.

That's the point here - in Red Hot Penny Shares, I pinpoint precisely which small caps could make you money. I take all the work out of it for you. And I aim to make you big money.

Look. A good company will ALWAYS get discovered eventually.

It's my aim to make sure YOU discover it first.


4 Point Checklist for small cap perfection!

Look. I don't recommend a stock on a fancy story alone. Each opportunity needs to be passed through a rigorous filtration process before I even think of recommending it to my readers. I don't have anywhere near enough space to explain all my criteria in this report, but here's a brief taste:

1. Do I FULLY understand the business? First off, I need to know exactly what makes a business tick. This has got nothing to do with charts and graphs. I talk to people... I go to industry functions... absorb facts and figures... get a real, genuine understanding for the company's core activity. Whenever possible, I pay a personal visit. Only when I feel I know a company's core business inside out do I ask...

2. Do I TRUST the guys at the top? Really good management is like absolute gold, and when I come across a company that has it, I am able to recognise it immediately. Even more important is to screen for BAD management. Right now there are hundreds of company directors in Britain who have been involved in several company failures. I also want to know if a director owns shares in the company (bad news if he doesn't... GREAT news if he's buying)... and whether he has a good track record in the past...

3. Am I looking at a future household name? Is this small retailer one day going to have outlets in every major shopping centre in the UK? Will the drug just patented by this Manchester-based pharmaceutical company soon be in every pharmacy in the world?....

Could this oil explorer, on the brink of bankruptcy just a few years back, be about to become a global player because of a deal it might have on the cards with an energy major? Remember: the beauty of the perfect small cap is it has almost infinite room for expansion.

4. Do the numbers stack up? Hardly exciting stuff, but you simply cannot underestimate the importance of old-fashioned number-crunching in identifying good small stocks. No matter how great a company's product or service is... no matter how adept its PR company is at spinning a compelling story or promising a stellar future... the balance sheet doesn't lie.

I'll send you a complete rundown on how I identify my picks – for free – as part of the package you can claim at the end of this report…

I'm confident you'll enjoy my recommendations.

But don't just take it from me:

"Great for Capital Gains and a balance to Footsie, with a good chance of some spectacular successes"

Chris Mallett, Cheshire

In the coming weeks and months I believe there will many more opportunities for bargain stock hunters to pick up a few small-cap stocks that could rise significantly when they're finally noticed by the 'herd'.

And as you'll find out if you accept my invitation, there's nothing like watching a company YOU backed from the start hit the big time!

Preying on tomorrow's BLOCKBUSTER stocks - TODAY

I'll make this as easy as possible.

Click on the link at the end of this page and you'll be able to instantly download your latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares.

Study my analysis. Learn why I'm so excited about each stock and its individual story. Learn WHY no one is looking at them right now.

If you fancy a piece of the action, that's great.

If you just want to paper trade not using actual money for a while, that's fine too. That way you can see how the companies perform without risking a penny... you can see if you're comfortable with the kind of risks involved.

Remember, these reports are free. Consider it a gift for trying my newsletter.

Sign up today and here's exactly what you'll get...

For the next three months (and after that if you choose to stay on as a subscriber) I'd like to send you my latest new small cap discoveries...

  • I'll tell you what the risks and potential rewards are, when to get in, and what I've calculated as a realistic target price.
  • PLUS, I'll tell you what action to take on your existing shares, whether to buy more, sell or hold your position for the time being.
  • I'll send you an email update every Thursday where I pass on time-sensitive tips, developments or changes to your holdings, plus any news I hear that might affect your share tips.

You can follow some, all or none of my advice. It's entirely up to you.

Before you make a decision, take a look at what a few more of my readers have to say:

"Never made so much profit so quickly in stock investing."

Andy A, Watford

""It's the best way I know to get into small companies"

Jeremy Tyzack

I'm a fully accredited investment adviser. I'm not some wet-behind the ears 'sap' straight out of business school. I have 30+ years of experience researching and picking out bargain small cap stocks.

In fact, it's something of an obsession for me. (Get a taste of my selection criteria in the box titled: 4 point checklist for small cap perfection!).

I've made it so there's nothing to lose by accepting this invitation today and taking a look...


“If you don't think I can make you money you can walk away with a FULL refund!”

If you can't see yourself making any real profits with my tips, or you're not comfortable with this type of investing, just contact me within that 3-month period and I'll refund every last penny of your subscription fee.

Penny Shares:
risks and rewards

Fact is, penny shares carry a little extra fire.

That’s the way it is. The risks are big. And so are the potential rewards. The two go hand in hand.

You see, these stocks often have a small market capitalisation. And often, not a huge volume of shares are being traded at any one time. You might see that referred to as being ‘thinly traded’.

That can mean the share price is more volatile – and any good or bad news can have a large impact on the price.

For example, if a company announces a glittering new deal, the shares could receive a big jolt up in value. But if they release news of falling profits, you could see the price fall quite rapidly.

And because they’re often not traded in huge volume, they can sometimes be tricky to get rid of if you need to sell them.

Ever heard of the bid/offer spread? It’s a term that basically means the difference between the buying and selling price. And with penny shares, there can often be a big difference between the two.

So investors who want to sell their shares soon after they have bought them may sometimes have to sell at a loss – that might be the case even if the share price hasn’t fallen… and even if it has risen a little. That’s one of the built-in risks of penny shares.

You can see for yourself, penny shares carry the same risks as larger company shares – the share price can move up and down, so your capital is at risk – plus the additional risks I’ve spelt out above…

In short: small caps are riskier than large company shares…but that's why the rewards can be so great!

I just want you to be fully-clued up on every aspect of penny share investing.

If you decide to sign up to Red Hot Penny Shares today, you'll receive two comprehensive guides giving you the full low down on small caps… how to trade them, how to maximise your profits, the risks, the dangers, the potential… everything.

Sure, this type of investing isn't for everyone. And I sincerely believe it's something you should only be doing with a small part of your spare capital. Money you could afford to lose if things don't go right for the company.

But if you can accept the risks I've outlined here, then I think we could make some great plays together…

Because right now, I'm sitting on a dozen or so high-potential companies that I believe could be just months from hitting some serious stock market highs...

No quibbles, and no questions asked.

Plus, you get to keep everything I've sent you with my compliments!

If I'm wrong, you haven't lost a penny of your subscription cost.

If I'm right, I'm hoping you'll stay on as a regular reader and join me investing in tiny little-known companies hopefully for a string of profits! After that - expect all your other hobbies to take a back seat!

Be warned - this is SERIOUSLY addictive stuff!

Fact is, I just can't beat the thrill of starting up my computer and catching up on how a company I've backed has done...

It really is something else. If you're like me, you'll love the adrenalin rush of diving into this exciting market!

So... crunch time...

What will you pay should you decide to stick around?

Well the official fee is £97 per year.

That's it.

That's what I normally charge...

Let me put that into context for you: I know some fund managers who charge that for TEN MINUTES consultancy... my share tip advisory service works out at about 27p A DAY!

"Pound for pound, I believe this is the best small cap research you'll find in Britain."

What will you get for 27p a day?

That price includes a monthly research report filled with my latest share tips; in-depth analysis; and a summary of why I believe these stocks are worth a punt.

Plus, each Thursday I'll send you an important email updating you on our open portfolio positions, detailing their progress and whether you should "buy", "sell" or hold on for the ride!

When you consider the number of overlooked, undervalued companies I'll be clueing you up on, that £97 seems like a pretty good deal. Doesn't it?

£97 is the full official fee.

But that's not what you will pay today.

Sign up today and you won't even pay HALF that!

My publisher has kindly allowed me to offer you an introductory price of just £48 - provided you respond now.

That's a little under HALF PRICE!

Click here now to take a 90-day no-commitment trial of Red Hot Penny Shares and everything you've read about today is yours for less than the cost of dinner for two at a half-decent restaurant!

And that's not all you'll get should you accept my 3-month, no obligation trial invitation today...

Three FREE gifts to make you a smarter, richer penny share profit hunter!

Click here now to arrange your no-obligation trial. Along with your first set of small cap recommendations and first issue, I'll send you an extra THREE GIFTS that are yours to keep, just for agreeing to review Red Hot Penny Shares for the next 90 days...

  • GIFT 1: "How to Buy and Sell Shares for Profit." This guide answers the most common questions beginners have about buying and selling shares. You'll learn how to place orders with your broker... which type of brokerage is right for you... the importance of using limit orders... how much to invest... three ways to reduce tax on your profits, and much more. Even experienced traders will find something of interest in this valuable resource!
  • GIFT 2: "How to Make Big Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares." This manual - available only to Red Hot subscribers - will quickly give you a grasp of the essential tools for evaluating any share... including P/E ratios, yield, net asset value, free cash flow and more. Plus it reveals many secrets behind my highly profitable share trading system. But don't worry - you don't really need any of this... because I do everything for you! This book just explains exactly how I go about my analysis. It's yours whatever you decide.
  • GIFT 3: Free subscription to The Penny Sleuth, my twice-weekly small cap market e-letter. It's bursting with 'must-know' market intelligence and commentary that will take you into the exciting world of small caps. If you hate to waste time reading mediocre or unimportant financial 'news', you'll love The Penny Sleuth!

Reminder: these gifts are YOURS TO KEEP FOR FREE, whether you decide to continue your subscription after your 3-month trial or not.

PLUS you'll receive a report on all the risks and dangers of penny share investing so that you are FULLY clued-up on the world of small caps.

Now it's over to you - will you grab this exciting opportunity with both hands... or let it slip through your fingers?

Click here now to claim your latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares immediately and start a 90-day no-obligation trial.

You'll go through to a secure page where I'll ask you to complete a short form - then we can get you started on your small cap adventure!

If you like this kind of high risk speculating as much as I do... and if you like the idea of gunning for some great potential returns, trying to anticipate tomorrow's blockbuster stocks, today...

Then this decision really is a no-brainer.

I sincerely want you to be in on the next big penny share success story.

"You could be one of the early movers positioned to ride the full force of any potential profits from the companies I've been telling you about today."

I'm simply offering you the chance to get wise to a world of exciting and potentially extremely rewarding opportunities.

Simply click here to begin your trial.

I know these shares aren't for everyone. As I've said, you're going to need a bit of extra nerve and a sense of adventure to try and make the REALLY big gains.

But it's your call.

If these stocks go up, and you don't own them, you could kick yourself for years to come.

Best regards,

David Thornton
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares

PS: Remember, your subscription is 100% REFUNDABLE on a pro-rata basis for the first 3 months. That gives you complete freedom to test the power of my recommendations before you commit any money. Simply click the "Subscribe Now" link, review everything you'll receive on the next page and then start your trial.

SIGN UP TODAY to get your latest issue of Red Hot Penny Shares immediately. It could be the most profitable thing you ever do!

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P.P.S: More from our current readers of Red Hot Penny Shares...

“Ten times your money?”
"This type of investing is not for widows and orphans! But where else can you [make] ten times your money."
DB, Shropshire
“Great fun...”
"If you have any interest at all in making your money grow, this is a great fun way to do it!"
BJG, Newcastle
“I'm still here...”
"I was told years ago by a friend, if you are going to start investing in 'Penny Shares', give Red Hot a go, I'm still here."
Alan, Leicestershire

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